After spending around two years without anyone to talk to about my intimate desires, I finally went to a dating website that promised to bring together single people of all sorts. I went for a divorce with my wife of over 10 years because we had lost the power to understand each other.

My perception of these dating sites was that these are basically for the young crowd who use it to find friends for fun or just casual sexual encounters. But after I met Lisa, in her late thirties and a widow, my perception of dating sites changed.

We initially exchanged hellos over the net which turned into a reason to meet after around two months of dating. We instantly found a connection between us.

Today I am going to propose her for marriage. Wish me luck!

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I always dreaded divorce for this very reason; although our relationship had been strained permanently.

Don’t know why but this was a major consideration for me not agreeing to divorce.

But then I decided to take the plunge. My ex-wife wanted to divorce so that she could marry the other guy.

I haven’t married yet. But the thought of reaching home alone still vexes me. Maybe this will force me to marry soon

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I don’t know how but there is always a bias against step moms. Tell anyone that you aren’t living with your real mother and people quickly start showing sympathy to you.

When my step mom entered my life, I too had a lot of apprehensions.

However, I believed in going to her with a clear mind. We quickly bonded. Today I seldom feel she is different from my real mother. I am lucky I have two mothers.

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There was something that kept me and my wife for 5 long years, it was our son Damien. I loved him like anything and the thought of losing him made me stick to that marriage.

Then when my wife decided to divorce me, it was like lightning had struck me. My lawyer assured me that I will get the custody of my son, although I knew women had a better case than men in this matter.

Same happened. I lost custody of my son and now I have to beg my wife to see him just for an hour every week.

Is there someone who can help me get back the custody of my son?

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We pulled our marriage for a long 20 year period. Then one day we just decided to pull the plug.

It was a hard decision for both of us. Not because we didn’t want to. We had secretly harbored this intention to part ways for a long long time. But then we only were able to implement it now.

But the major problem was having lost that comfort cushion. Whatever relation we had, it was a comfort knowing that she was at home.

A friend suggested dating. Man I had not been a part of that game for over 2 decades now. The first day was quite uncomfortable. Slowly I am learning the rules of the game. Will come back to share some good news if I get one.

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Whenever the question of marriage to Maryanne came up I shuddered.

Not that I didn’t love her. I loved her with my whole heart. But then she had this small daughter, Rosy.

I always thought if I can give her the same love as I would to our own kid (Mary) and mine.

But then God had his own designs. We married. And one of the first decisions I took in my married life is that we will not have any more sons or daughter – I was happy to have Rosy.

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When my father came home drunk and beat my mom, I felt like beating him like pulp.

But my mother, a pious catholic that she was, never allowed me to.

And I would bring out this anger at the punching pag at the gym.

Then one day my mother decided to talk…talk for the last time…about divorcing my mother.

It came as a shock to me as well. However, I felt happy for mom. She had suffered a lot.

A few years later my father succumbed to blood cancer. None of us cried, although we attended his funeral.

Today my father is not much than a nightmare.

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